Bulgaria is a Balkan nation with diverse terrain encompassing Black Sea coastline, a mountainous interior and rivers, including the Danube.

Bulgaria is often called Europe's "best kept secret" and it's no wonder why. You have the best of European culture here - cafes, bars, amazing nightlife, and wondrous nature. And unlike many western European countries that commonly host study abroad students, Bulgaria is cheap! The country is also known to be a crossroad linking western and eastern civilizations, and there's no better place to study abroad than that.

Why study in Bulgaria ?
  • They can follow the education at reasonable expenses, high quality of Education
  • Degree recognised in all Europe and beyond, programme in English.
  • Relatively low-cost international study destination
  • You'll find an impressive range of natural environments

Degrees Offered

  • Engineering
  • Medical Courses
  • Diploma
  • Management
  • Bachelor Degree
  • Master Degree


  • Register with us and select the course at the right university you want.
  • Then apply online with all you documents and also submit the documents at the nearby ROEEC office for verification.
  • Wait for the acceptance
  • And then pay the tuition fees
  • Proceed with the visa procedure
  • After visa acceptance proceed with travel preparations


Application Fee
$ 150 - 500
Tuition Fee
$ 12000 - 35000/year
Cost of Living
$ 500 - 750/month